Sunday, February 1, 2009

So shabbos was nice. Dinner went off very well, lemon-herb chicken with pasta, veggies, garlic bread. And wine, of course :-) We started very early and were done by 6:30! Then just hung around for a while before we dragged ourselves back out into the cold to go home, and then Sarah and Em and I watched some more Queer as Folk before bed. Yesterday we slept in, then woke up, did some homework, were our books...called Leah but she wasn't awake or something...watched like five episodes of QAF, then Leah and Ariana picked up Domino's for us and we had a pizza party and watched Across the Universe. then bed.
This morning, got up, and went to the pharmacy in Ramat Eshkol (very nearby) with Leah. it was kind of a teeny pharmacy, but they had most of what i needed. except they only had hydrogen peroxide in teeeeeeeeeny bottles. but they had listerine and a nail file and eye wipes for emily, but no shampoo that i wanted. i can get that at the supermarket though, i guess. i'm gonna need it soon. after a little confusion about the bus back, i made it home...took a shower, read a little bit, and then when em got back from class we went up to Aroma to go on the computer and such. i got a cheese and apple tart, which was not as good as i had remembered from the other time i tried it :-( and it was 17 NIS so i refuse to get anything else, much as the fresh bread sitting right in front of me is tempting me. I just wrote my essay for the application for the internship i talked about a few posts ago, which was pretty fun to write, actually. All about when i worked as an aide to the fourth grade hebrew school class, how bad the class was and how i would change it. :-)
Now i'm gonna head home, have a small snack, then i'm meeting my friend Avi back here at 5 to hang out and then tonight there's free schnitzel dinner at the Jeff Seidel student center and a talk about Genesis and the Big Bang (i swear i'm not being brainwashed i swear i'm not being brainwashed i swear i'm not being brainwashed!). SCHNITZEL!! FREE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

and hopefully we get real internet tomorrow! wooooooooooooohoooooooooo!!!


  1. And what did you get from domino's? that is what im curious about!

  2. Miss Gabs brings up an interesting point... I must know what was consumed! I'm willing to bet you got some cheesy bread. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i'm totally drooling at the thought. NOM

  3. apparently Kimo knows me better than you, gabs! cheesy bread it was :-))) <3

  4. well i meant of a more substantial variety! i assumed cheesy bread.