Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, Ok...

I've been procrastinating writing this long enough, I guess...not for any particular reason, just cuz. I'm boring. Lol.
So. Wednesday. More classes. Same ones as Monday, just all in a row instead of having a break after Hebrew. I have discovered two things. A) I need to chew gum to stay awake in Archaology and B) I am gonna have to figure out some way to not tune out Dr. Revelson, my Jewish Jesus teacher. I love him, i really do, he's great and he's even a red sox fan--grew up with Youk's father! But i just...can't seem to stay focused on him, especially when there's such a pretty view out the window. *sigh*. I think it'll get better once we're off of the background stuff that i already learned with Jay Berkovitz at Umass. :-D
After class I did laundry--hooray! It sure. and then i went to a "girl's night in" for Rosh Chodesh Adar (the beginning of the hebrew month Adar) and made a pretty painted chamsah (the hand design popular in a lot of middle eastern art) and ate chocolate and hung out and decided that i'm gonna be a tiger for purim (i makes sense cuz i already gots the stripes ;-))
Thursday, another long day, but it was a DITL day, so that made it a little more interesting. It was also super-sunny and very warm, which was totally nice. no jacket! whee! I had my Art class, then hebrew, then my first class for my internship. We had a guest leader named Mark Lazar, who does seminars and such all over the place to help teachers be better. We basically played games the entire class--starting with "color tag" (touch someone in your group wearing...) and "body part tag" (touch two diff ppl's...) and the mirror game (have to mirror your partner's movements), and ending with skits where we had to reinterpret fairy tales (we had the 3 little pigs) in a different genre (ours was western) and using things from israeli culture (ours was religious differences). we also had to make "human machines" for various purim-related things and have the rest of the groups guess, some people put on a mini "blind-date"esqe play about the diff jewish factions in the time of Yochanan ben Zakai...It was really fun. At the end we talked about why he did all these things--to show how informal education can really be valuable and fun for everyone. Then we did some business, and that was it. oh, and there were cookies and pretzels. i ate soooo much :-)
After class, i just hung around the room, because i was SUPPOSED to meet up with Margot and Leah and go somewhere. They stalled and stalled and then finally told me that they were planning to go dancing but not til like 11-11:30. i was like, meh. I hung around, had some food. Watched a movie with Sarah and had some drinkies cuz hey, we has FREE alcohol, why go out and pay for it? hehe. Went to bed 1:30ish i think.
Yesterday I got up late, hung around the room, made pancakes again for me and Sarah for breakfast--this time they turned out just about perfect, and i even had 3 leftover for breakfast this morning (yes, father, i ate REHEATED pancakes, the world is going to come to an end!). We watched the rest of the movie from the night before cuz we hadn't finished it...I talked to people online...And just stayed in all day because, well, the weather was frightful and i only have the one pair of sneakers. It kind of sucked cuz i wanted to go to Leah's to watch a movie. oh well. had a very restful night instead, although my back is yelling at me for sitting at the computer so long--i was up til 2, playing a game Kimo got me addicted to and talking to him and my friend Vince.
Today i got up at 2. yes, i'm lazy. also my shade was completely closed so i couldnt tell the time by the brightness outside. reheated my pancakes, had some cereal, some pb on bread...Did some much-needed cleaning, then started to do my hw. i'm all done with hebrew, now just have tons of readings to do for various monday classes. Tonight, Adrienne (my friend from Mt Holyoke who is studying at Tel Aviv U) is coming into the city with her daddy, and we're supposed to meet up in a few hours in the city. Then tomorrow after i'm done with my internship we're gonna hopefully meet up again. yay!

The End. :-D

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