Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok, i have more time now

since we have internet in the room and i finally got it working on my computer! let's see, let's see, what to write about. I wrote about our weekend already...if anyone's got any questions, raise 'em and i'll answer.
erm. class, class and more class. it's INTENSE. from now on it's 8:30-1:45, with only one half-hour and one 15-minute break. i have a test on wednesday, a BIG one. tomorrow after i sleep in (hooray for israeli elections giving us a real day off!) and eat, most of the afternoon/evening will probly be studying. oh, and watching QAF :-) the girls are watching right now, and i'm listening. hehe.
Oh, so on sunday i forgot that it was sunday. and called my parents at 7:30am their time, thinking they had to go to work. LOL. it worked out ok, though, because they went downstairs in their PJs and talked to me on skype. mommy was so excited! and today i talked to Jaime too. i like this whole internet-in-the-room dealio :-)
Today is monday? yeah. Class, class, class...then break, had shwarma again, this time in lafa bread--it's big and flat, a lot more bread than the pita but the same price so yeah. but i COULD. NOT. FINISH. it was SO BIG. and then it sat in my stomach for like two hours. like a rock. a yummy, yummy, very filling rock :-) but yeh. then i had a group interview for the internship i applied for. it was kind of fun. they made us roleplay...i was paired with this other girl, and we had a child named Jaime/Jamie or whatever, and we had to debate the merits of sending him/her to jewish day school. i had the negative side, and it was SO hard to do cuz sarah had SUCH a good argument. oy. but yeah. my advisor PROMISED he'd get me in if i'm not accepted straight off, and my essay was pretty darn good, so yeah. ummm then i headed into the city with em, sarah m, and a few other girls...stef and i were supposed to go see Mara, one of the staff from hillel who's been in israel all year, but she left Jlem before we got there :-( she'll be back in the country in april though, so we'll see her then. so Em and sarah and i split off from the others, walked all around the shuk (outdoor market thingy) and bought some kitchen implements and em got HUGE kiwis and two pashminas, and then we went to ben yehuda street, wandered around, and got gelato. sarah had this belgian waffle LOADED with chocolate and gelato and it looked SO GOOD but i was good and got a SMALL chocolate cup. mmmmmmmmmmmm. so yummmmyyy. then we headed home...there was this guy on the bus. he had a gun tucked into a holster in his pants, we saw it when he reached up to hold the rail. it was interesting. and we assumed he was israeli, and made some sotto voce comments about his...tush...and then he went to sit down with a girl who was OBVIOUSLY his girlfriend but he kept STARING at me. like, every time i glanced over there we made eye contact. it was...unsettling. and then i heard him talking and he was AMERICAN. woah. you kind of get used to israelis with guns everywhere, big huge carabiners and such, but an american...first i've seen. but yeah. anyways. we got off the bus at the bottom of the hill and walked up, to work off the ice cream :-)
now we're just hanging out, watching QAF, gonna go to bed semi-early and sleep in tomorrow.

oh, forgot to write about Tu B'shevat. It's the holiday of the trees...celebrating spring and growth and trees and such. it's a big deal here. also, lots and lots and lots of dried fruit. YUM. last night we went to a special meal celebrating it, at the community center in Pisgat Ze'ev, the community that is sponsoring emily and giving her an internship. it was interesting, except that the music was LOUD, and the weather is changing so my sinuses were hurting, and yeah. no fun. and the wine was icky :-( but yeah. free fruit :-) nom. and today in class we sang songs and got more dried fruit and nuts. and then at the interview they gave us even MORE. my bowels aren't gonna like me in the next day or so, too much dried fruit, lol. sorry, TMI.

all right, i think that's me all caught up. :-D love you all!

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  1. ouch... i posted a comment and it disappeared!

    sounds like another reason for avoiding taking the bus... please...

    it was nice SEEING you yesterday morning, even if we were partially asleep ;^)>

    i still think it sounds like you are on vacation, not in school. hopefully you will be able to get back into a real academic mode in a couple of weeks when classes start without too much of a problem.