Monday, February 2, 2009


nothing new or happy to report today...just another day of the same old, same old. except we had our other teacher in Ulpan today--we're supposed to have two teachers, but for one reason or another for the past two weeks we've only had the one, Mazal. the second, Shulamit, finally taught today. it was QUITE different than Mazal. She spoke only hebrew, assumed that we knew a lot (because when she popped in last week to say hi Mazal was doing something waaaaaay above our level) and basically went a little too fast for me. I feel so far behind because afer two years of hebrew i SHOULD know a lot of the words that people around me know just from summers at Jew camp. It's quite frustrating.

After Ulpan I dropped off the rest of my application for the internship, waited while my friends did stuff on the fourth floor, then let emily use my comp to put pictures up on facebook (hers for some reason won't let her post pictures anywhere, so we put them on my flash drive and she used my comp) and went and got my daily chocolate croissant while she did that, then sat and read my book (I'm reading Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series, which is really for young adults but is pretty good, and is DEF better than nothing! I go through them really fast though, i'm on the 4th book in 3 days) until she was done, then had my own internet time. then back to the room...lunch, reading, napping, reading, etc etc etc. We're pretty boring in the afternoons :-) then i had dinner and watched some of The Devil Wears Prada with Em and then came up to the cafe to talk to people. because...

Em's cousin said for SURE we'd get it today. But unless it's come in the hour or so since i came up here, which is doubtful as it's almost 8pm, no dice. not happy. we're seriously all regulars at Aroma now, the baristas practically know us on sight. SO FRUSTRATINGGGGGG.

Today's my mommy's birthday. Happy birthday mommy! I love you! I wish I could be home so i could take her out to lunch, but c'est la vie. Rain check!

Actually, you wanna know another reason i wanna be home? I NEED A MASSAGE. i'm gonna have to ask around, see if cheapish massage parlors exist in this country cuz my back's been spasming. roar. anybody wanna pay plane fare so that i can come to NoHo and get a massage? either that or i need to find a male friend to pick me up and crack my's kind of interesting, but with the exception of my friend Ari's admirer Uriel, i don't really associate with that many boys. good thing i'm not looking for any, huh? seriously, if it wasn't for Uriel and the four guys in my Ulpan, i'd never talk to boys at all. hm.

Ok, now i'm just blathering. See ya.

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