Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Classes, classes, classes...

So. First classes of the semester! Oh, I already told you about the art class. Monday I had Hebrew, with a new teacher and new class. It was okey. Then I came home, attempted to sleep a little but it was very cold in our room so i couldnt. :-( had a little food, then went to Archaology of Jerusalem. Lots of people I know in it, like Margot, Leah, and Ariana. yay. it was a bit...tedious, but interesting. Reminded me a LOT of my Greek Civ class last year, which means I should do fine :-) plus there are lots of field trips...should be fun. After that I had what is so far my favorite class, From the Jewish Jesus to Christianity. The professor is HILARIOUS, has a story for everything and everyone. There are people from Germany, England (two gap-year students, one going to Cambridge in the fall and the other going to Oxford, OY!), Canada, and French-Canada. Plus of course a bunch of us Americans, including one of the only (if not THE only) African-American at this school, a guy from Texas who's apparently not even Jewish yet to boot. He seems really cool. Oh, AND. AND. MATTHEW SCHULTZ. AKA Matty Schultz, who I went to elementary through high school with, but havent been friends with really since about fifth grade. He has been here since August, and I just saw him here for the first time on sunday, and then whammo, he's in one of my classes. It's a tad awkward. Cuz we don't really know what to say to each other. Hopefully that'll get better. But anyways. the class looks quite fascinating too.
After class my friend Sarah and I went to try and buy the course reader, which is all the readings bound up together. Of course the stupid printing place closed at 4. Jerks.
Then...Um...what did i do? i don't remember. Um. i think i just hung around in the room for the rest of the day, Em and I made spaghetti and shnitzel for dinner. yeah. that's about it for yesterday.
Today I got up a little early, since i wanted to get moving early because i didnt know where my class was. for some reason, on tuesdays my hebrew class is in a totally different building than most Rothberg classes, so i had to find it. it took a while, but i made it, and yeah. Apparently they also combined two of my level's classes into one, so it was yet another new class. new teacher too--we have two, who switch off days. Today was Tali, yesterday was Batya. It was pretty good, I have a really easy time understanding Tali.
After class i went again to order my course readers. They were at least open, but they told me to come back at three to pick them up--they print them to order. So i went home, futzed around, did some hw for tomorrow, went back and...guess what? there was a "problem with the machine". roar. so i have to go back tomorrow. blargh. went home, fooled around some more, then went with Em to the big supermarket, Mr Zol. got lots of goodies :-) like milk! and laundry detergent! yay! came home, dug into our fresh pita with some nutella (HEAVENNNNN), then hung out for a bit. I made a grilled cheese for dinner, since we now have margarine :-) Then once emily was done with her homework, we watched "Sliding Doors", an old-ish movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, that was kind of wonderful. Now we're just watching some QAF before bed. The next two days may be kind of hellish, for some reason i made my schedule so that i go 10:30-4 on W, Th, and Su (if you count my internship). Ugh. funnnn timeeessss.



  1. where did you tell us about art class? i don't recall seeing that in this blog.

    i'm glad the courses sound like they'll be fun even though you will be quite busy...


  2. never mind... i found the reference to the art class.