Friday, February 13, 2009

okay okay okay

urm. nothing very special going on.

today in class, we had some actors come in. they put on a funny skit thing and then had ppl from the class do whose-line esque things (improv) hebrew. yeah. it was kind of fun. then we played a game. and in the morning she gave us chocolate. :-D almost but not quite made up for the fact that we had school on a friday :-(

went to the IT guys yesterday and found that we can get a router for 120 sheks over in givat shaul. that's sunday's task.

I GOT THE INTERNSHIP. YAY!!! will be working in an Arab-Jewish preschool at the YMCA in jlem. my friend margot will be too...i'm super excited! also, there is a reunion in december. in MALIBU, CA. HELLS TO THE YEAHHHHHH.

we went to the store yesterday and got more nummies. aka wacky mac (a little disappointing), shnitzel (more like chicken nuggets) which was tonight's dinner...more tuna...yeah. good stuff. it's so nice having a closer supermarket than evil mr zol's up in french hill. well, okey, it's not evil, it's good, but it's FAR. especially when carrying heavy groceries. so yeah.

weekend plans: watching a movie and drinking wine tonight with becca, tomorrow taking our friend ariana out for her birthday after shabbos ends. :-D


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  1. too bad you can't just rent the gadget - what're you gonna do with it when you leave in june? ask if that's possible, or if you can sell it back... maybe there's a craig's list in israel??

    happy valentine's day!