Wednesday, February 4, 2009

*le sigh*

Uhm. Not much to report. we're CLOSER to having our own internet, in that we have a modem, but it wont connect. some girls from down the hall say that they have the same issue but someone's coming to fix it tomorrow. maybe they can fix ours too.

the modem deal meant we had to go into the city. meaning, busses, lots of 'em. well, really, just the 28 line. but yeah. it's kind of fun, going through the ultra-orthodox neighborhood (mea shearim) and watching all the black hats and the little boys with huge sidelocks and such. kind of sad though...i dont know. i have so many issues with orthodoxy, and it makes me sad to think that those cute little boys will grow up believing that all they gotta do is study study study and marry some poor girl who barely knows them and pop out lots of kids and so on and so on, and that they're better than anyone who doesn't dress modestly or pray three times a day and spend all of shabbos in shul. oy.

This weekend should be fun, minus the craploads of homework i have to do, and the fact that i have class on sunday. roar. tomorrow we're doing laundry and dinner at em's cousins', friday we may be going to the shuk in the city (aka CHEAP FOOD), and then for shabbos we're going to some lady named Nanette's house outside the city for the entire holiday. lots of free food, lots of nice people, and holy crap maybe a REAL BED for a night! WOOT.

In unrelated news, i seem to have developed a little stye on my eye. it's quite annoying. i've never gotten one before. stress, maybe? oy.

*sigh* time to go home and watch some more qaf before bed...


  1. HEAT. HEAT HEAT HEAT. for the stye. it helps a LOT. you can use a washcloth with hot water or a heat pack or anything like that. it feels good and helps make it go away faster. ive had them before.

  2. If it's truly a stye, PLEASE go to health services. Hot water on a washcloth, maybe epsom salts -- it's been too many years!

    from a website: A Stye is a common infection of the hair follicle of an eyelash, resembling a sore similar to a boil or a pimple in the gland at the edge of the eyelid which leads to blockage of the hair follicles that may become swollen, nuisance and painful to the touch.

    This disease appears due to debilitated condition of the system.

    BEST treatment for this is HOT compresses to the eyelid. Wrap a hot washcloth in Saran Wrap to keep the heat in the washcloth and place it over your eyelid as often as you possibly can. The lesion often will "come to a head" and drain out. If this doesn't happen, you should consider surgical drainage by a simple office procedure.