Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hokay. so. updates. um, um. class, blah. class, blah. singing, blah.
today, had my oral test. bleh. i guess i didnt suck completely, cuz the teacher was like, don't worry, you speak beautifully. so, yeah. *shrugs*. then i had over an hour's break...went to go get money, wandered through the Academon (school storeish place, where they have EVERYTHING--except what you really want), walked back to school through the botanical garden which was soothing, got a chocolate croissant, hung out with people...more class...then we had a WONDERFUL performance, guy named Liron, on guitar and hang. the hang is a drum-ish thing that makes the most wonderful sounds..., listen to the clips. i wish i'd had my camera! it's soooooo cool. and this guy's HANDS, oh MAN they were moving so fast on the drum that you could hardly see 'em...makes me wonder what else he can do with 'em ;-) juuuuust kidding. but seriously. it was great. then MORE class...then finally the day was over. no more ulpan, after my test tomorrow! yay!
headed home, computered, ate a quick sandwich, and then headed to my internship site! Met my boss, Adena, who is a wonderfully quirky lady, who is obsessed with frogs. there must have been over 200 in her office, statues, stuffed animals, what have you. even her computer mouse was a frog. jeesh. she's really cool though. and i'm gonna be working with the older babies--around 18-24 months. LOVE. there's one named Hamish. i think i want to adopt him. so i played with them for a's gonna be great. except that the teacher doesnt speak english, only hebrew and arabic. so that's gonna be interesting. i may actually get some use out of my rusty hebrew! Yay. the only issue that's arisen is getting there...i took a taxi both ways today, cost me over 70 shekels. that's like 17 bucks. yikes. margot says the #30 bus goes there, so i'm going to try that on sunday, i think. :-\

let's see...other than that, not much else is new. i have new pics on the comp, will try and get them on photobucket soon. but for now, i should probably go study :-(

here's a teaser though!

view from the top of the faculty building at school. hells yeah!

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  1. that Wikipedia link is really something!