Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why are weekends so short?

Even though this was actually a pretty long weekend, it still seemed short for some reason.
Thursday night i made pancakes! it was interesting. i had a sort of guideline of what to do from a place online, but i was mostly on my own. started with an egg, then some peach juice (no orange, no milk, i dont do water in pancakes that's lame), a little oil, baking powder, and then flour until it was the right consistancy. and then of course, chocolate chips as they were baking. they tasted a little...odd...but not too bad. we didnt have any syrup though :-( i hung out with sarah while i did all that, then kicked her out for some skype time with kimo, then just played around on the internet until i couldnt keep my eyes open. fridayyyyyy we slept in a bit, then i did laundry with my friend sarah which was fun. except i only did the absolute essentials--sheets, towels, underwear. so i still am severely lacking shirts. but i need to buy my own laundry detergent soon so i can do the rest and not steal sarah's detergent. ummmmm...then i was pretty much bored all afternoon, em went to the student village to hang with our girlies and cook dinner...hung out with becca a little bit and then went up, had dinner with awesome peeps, headed home, chilled out...yesterday we slept til 2, then aimlessly hung out most of the day, because we had no homework and it was disgusting outside. like, thunderstorms, hail, wind, rain, the whole shebang. sarah and got domino's cheesy bread for dinner. it was yummilicious. and we watched QAF of course. went to bed eventually...
today was the first day of classes. i had to buy notebooks and such first, so i went to the academon. i mistakenly got a five-pack of the 5x5 grid type notebooks instead of normal lines. which kind of sucks, cuz it's harder to read. but oh well. they were a steal. ummm...class was ok. Biblical figures and stories in Jewish, Christian and Islamic art. i'm not a huge fan of reading a lot of shite into paintings. but i have like...5 friendly people in the class, including em, so that's good.
we got out early, which was nice, cuz i could actually go back to the room and breathe before i had to run to my internship. caught the 12:20 bus, actually got there early, but my boss wasnt there and nobody spoke english and i couldnt remember my classroom teacher's name and everything was confused until i managed to figure it out. then i spent three hours helping to corrall kids that i couldnt understand with a teacher who doesnt speak english. her name is Wejdan. or something like that. she's Arab. very nice lady. the kids are adorable. it was just a little overwhelming. it'll get better as i start to pick up more easy hebrew stuff though. hopefully!
had to wait forever for the bus home, but eventually i got home, went shopping with em...then back to the room, dinner, hung out, etc. no homework yet, really, which is sweet :-)
but hebrew starts again at 8:30 tomorrow morning. urgh.

sleep time soon!


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