Friday, January 30, 2009

Bowling adventure!

SO. Tonight we are cooking shabbos dinner for some of our friends (well, really emily is cooking, the rest of us are just helping and enjoying) and we needed to do our shopping yesterday instead of today like normal because Em has a meeting all during prime shopping hours. So we called up Ariana, the one whose apt we're using for the dinner and asked if she could shop last night instead of today, and she was like, great idea! and then she invited us to go bowling. BOWLING? okay!
So we did our shopping, ended up not spending insane amounts but still getting everything we needed for the week...Then we went back to Ari's and hung out, our friend Sarah came and joined us. Around 8 we headed out, met up with our friends Uriel, Leah and Margo (U is Argentinian, the gals are Canadian, all very cool peeps), and went to find a bus.
yes, we took jerusalem busses. it's FINE. seriously. shush.
We eventually found ourselves in Talpiot, a very nice neighborhood where some of my israeli family lives, and once we'd ascertained where the mall with the alley in it was, we walked up the street a few blocks to find food. after a few aborted attempts, we found ourselves at a place we'd been told has the best hummus ever, and also had really good food. Sarah and I split the "chicken strips", which were yummy but made my stomach hurt, and there was plentiful delicious pita and such. I did try the hummus, but it does NOT work for me. Ah well, i was really hoping to make that something i can eat here (since it's EVERYWHERE), but no luck.
Then we headed back out in the cold to the bowling alley, only to find that there was a 45 minute wait. at 10:15 on a thursday night. who knew? The rest of the mall was closed, of course, so we stayed at the alley, some of us had gelato/sorbet, and yeah. eventually we got a lane, played a game, it was fun...I ended up NOT LOSING! i was fifth. sarah got 118 to win, em got 105, Uriel 104, Ariana 90 or so, i got 88, and leah and margo were both in the lower 80s. it was fun. then we commenced another adventure, trying to find a bus stop that was on the route we wanted to get home, at 12:15ish. Eventually we found one, and waited what seemed like forever, but got it and got home. FUN!
Today i was supposed to go back to Talpiot to go to the SuperPharm with Leah but she didnt wake up when i called her so oh well. maybe on sunday. i really need a pharmacy but there's none in french hill, which sucks majorly! And the supermarket doesnt even carry general first aid stuff.

In other news:
1) is a Day in The Life up from last week, in two parts. go see!
2) INTERNET. IT IS COMING. SO. I got a call at school the other day from someone at the University, saying, hey do you want internet in your room? we're talking to bezeq (phone company) for you. i'm like WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT! WE ALL WANT IT! Then i got a call yesterday from a lady at Bezeq (the first we have actually been able to talk to anyone from the actual company) and although she did not speak english, with the help of what sounded like her daughter translating, and my basic hebrew, she got my info and said she'd call soon with more details. and then Em heard from her cousin and he said he had set us up with a router thing for monday. i'm kind of confused. but the gist of this is that one way or another, we're GETTING INTERNET. NEXT WEEK. HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD.

I think that's it for now. :-)

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  1. So! I came across this blog on a random search of Israeli blogs (something I'm fond of doing in my spare time) and it's most interesting!
    First of all, you go to the Rothberg International School or whatever they call it, right? I go to the illustrious HUJI as well.
    If I may be a typical Israeli and not mind my own business (being a born and bred Jerusalemite, I feel I can throw a few pointers your way), the bowling alley in Talpiot is awful. It's full of little kids and it's way too expensive. If you know where Rav Hen is (actually not that far from the mall the alley's in, also in Talpiot), there's a billiard hall there. It also suffers from having a few kids here and there, but generally it's for adults. There's no bowling, though, so unless you're a fan of pool/billiard/snooker/whatever, there's no reason to go.
    On the home front, I noted you said you bought a drink with your food from B12 (that's what the meat place in the forum is called). Generally speaking, it's way cheaper to get soft drinks from the vending machines. The only profit to be made in being your drink there is theirs.
    As for your Ulpan troubles, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. It's daunting to study a new language, but you seem to be intelligent enough so there's no reason you won't manage it with a little elbow grease.