Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, Ok...

I've been procrastinating writing this long enough, I guess...not for any particular reason, just cuz. I'm boring. Lol.
So. Wednesday. More classes. Same ones as Monday, just all in a row instead of having a break after Hebrew. I have discovered two things. A) I need to chew gum to stay awake in Archaology and B) I am gonna have to figure out some way to not tune out Dr. Revelson, my Jewish Jesus teacher. I love him, i really do, he's great and he's even a red sox fan--grew up with Youk's father! But i just...can't seem to stay focused on him, especially when there's such a pretty view out the window. *sigh*. I think it'll get better once we're off of the background stuff that i already learned with Jay Berkovitz at Umass. :-D
After class I did laundry--hooray! It sure. and then i went to a "girl's night in" for Rosh Chodesh Adar (the beginning of the hebrew month Adar) and made a pretty painted chamsah (the hand design popular in a lot of middle eastern art) and ate chocolate and hung out and decided that i'm gonna be a tiger for purim (i makes sense cuz i already gots the stripes ;-))
Thursday, another long day, but it was a DITL day, so that made it a little more interesting. It was also super-sunny and very warm, which was totally nice. no jacket! whee! I had my Art class, then hebrew, then my first class for my internship. We had a guest leader named Mark Lazar, who does seminars and such all over the place to help teachers be better. We basically played games the entire class--starting with "color tag" (touch someone in your group wearing...) and "body part tag" (touch two diff ppl's...) and the mirror game (have to mirror your partner's movements), and ending with skits where we had to reinterpret fairy tales (we had the 3 little pigs) in a different genre (ours was western) and using things from israeli culture (ours was religious differences). we also had to make "human machines" for various purim-related things and have the rest of the groups guess, some people put on a mini "blind-date"esqe play about the diff jewish factions in the time of Yochanan ben Zakai...It was really fun. At the end we talked about why he did all these things--to show how informal education can really be valuable and fun for everyone. Then we did some business, and that was it. oh, and there were cookies and pretzels. i ate soooo much :-)
After class, i just hung around the room, because i was SUPPOSED to meet up with Margot and Leah and go somewhere. They stalled and stalled and then finally told me that they were planning to go dancing but not til like 11-11:30. i was like, meh. I hung around, had some food. Watched a movie with Sarah and had some drinkies cuz hey, we has FREE alcohol, why go out and pay for it? hehe. Went to bed 1:30ish i think.
Yesterday I got up late, hung around the room, made pancakes again for me and Sarah for breakfast--this time they turned out just about perfect, and i even had 3 leftover for breakfast this morning (yes, father, i ate REHEATED pancakes, the world is going to come to an end!). We watched the rest of the movie from the night before cuz we hadn't finished it...I talked to people online...And just stayed in all day because, well, the weather was frightful and i only have the one pair of sneakers. It kind of sucked cuz i wanted to go to Leah's to watch a movie. oh well. had a very restful night instead, although my back is yelling at me for sitting at the computer so long--i was up til 2, playing a game Kimo got me addicted to and talking to him and my friend Vince.
Today i got up at 2. yes, i'm lazy. also my shade was completely closed so i couldnt tell the time by the brightness outside. reheated my pancakes, had some cereal, some pb on bread...Did some much-needed cleaning, then started to do my hw. i'm all done with hebrew, now just have tons of readings to do for various monday classes. Tonight, Adrienne (my friend from Mt Holyoke who is studying at Tel Aviv U) is coming into the city with her daddy, and we're supposed to meet up in a few hours in the city. Then tomorrow after i'm done with my internship we're gonna hopefully meet up again. yay!

The End. :-D

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Classes, classes, classes...

So. First classes of the semester! Oh, I already told you about the art class. Monday I had Hebrew, with a new teacher and new class. It was okey. Then I came home, attempted to sleep a little but it was very cold in our room so i couldnt. :-( had a little food, then went to Archaology of Jerusalem. Lots of people I know in it, like Margot, Leah, and Ariana. yay. it was a bit...tedious, but interesting. Reminded me a LOT of my Greek Civ class last year, which means I should do fine :-) plus there are lots of field trips...should be fun. After that I had what is so far my favorite class, From the Jewish Jesus to Christianity. The professor is HILARIOUS, has a story for everything and everyone. There are people from Germany, England (two gap-year students, one going to Cambridge in the fall and the other going to Oxford, OY!), Canada, and French-Canada. Plus of course a bunch of us Americans, including one of the only (if not THE only) African-American at this school, a guy from Texas who's apparently not even Jewish yet to boot. He seems really cool. Oh, AND. AND. MATTHEW SCHULTZ. AKA Matty Schultz, who I went to elementary through high school with, but havent been friends with really since about fifth grade. He has been here since August, and I just saw him here for the first time on sunday, and then whammo, he's in one of my classes. It's a tad awkward. Cuz we don't really know what to say to each other. Hopefully that'll get better. But anyways. the class looks quite fascinating too.
After class my friend Sarah and I went to try and buy the course reader, which is all the readings bound up together. Of course the stupid printing place closed at 4. Jerks.
Then...Um...what did i do? i don't remember. Um. i think i just hung around in the room for the rest of the day, Em and I made spaghetti and shnitzel for dinner. yeah. that's about it for yesterday.
Today I got up a little early, since i wanted to get moving early because i didnt know where my class was. for some reason, on tuesdays my hebrew class is in a totally different building than most Rothberg classes, so i had to find it. it took a while, but i made it, and yeah. Apparently they also combined two of my level's classes into one, so it was yet another new class. new teacher too--we have two, who switch off days. Today was Tali, yesterday was Batya. It was pretty good, I have a really easy time understanding Tali.
After class i went again to order my course readers. They were at least open, but they told me to come back at three to pick them up--they print them to order. So i went home, futzed around, did some hw for tomorrow, went back and...guess what? there was a "problem with the machine". roar. so i have to go back tomorrow. blargh. went home, fooled around some more, then went with Em to the big supermarket, Mr Zol. got lots of goodies :-) like milk! and laundry detergent! yay! came home, dug into our fresh pita with some nutella (HEAVENNNNN), then hung out for a bit. I made a grilled cheese for dinner, since we now have margarine :-) Then once emily was done with her homework, we watched "Sliding Doors", an old-ish movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, that was kind of wonderful. Now we're just watching some QAF before bed. The next two days may be kind of hellish, for some reason i made my schedule so that i go 10:30-4 on W, Th, and Su (if you count my internship). Ugh. funnnn timeeessss.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


just found out i got a 90 on my final exam. SHAWEEEEET.

Why are weekends so short?

Even though this was actually a pretty long weekend, it still seemed short for some reason.
Thursday night i made pancakes! it was interesting. i had a sort of guideline of what to do from a place online, but i was mostly on my own. started with an egg, then some peach juice (no orange, no milk, i dont do water in pancakes that's lame), a little oil, baking powder, and then flour until it was the right consistancy. and then of course, chocolate chips as they were baking. they tasted a little...odd...but not too bad. we didnt have any syrup though :-( i hung out with sarah while i did all that, then kicked her out for some skype time with kimo, then just played around on the internet until i couldnt keep my eyes open. fridayyyyyy we slept in a bit, then i did laundry with my friend sarah which was fun. except i only did the absolute essentials--sheets, towels, underwear. so i still am severely lacking shirts. but i need to buy my own laundry detergent soon so i can do the rest and not steal sarah's detergent. ummmmm...then i was pretty much bored all afternoon, em went to the student village to hang with our girlies and cook dinner...hung out with becca a little bit and then went up, had dinner with awesome peeps, headed home, chilled out...yesterday we slept til 2, then aimlessly hung out most of the day, because we had no homework and it was disgusting outside. like, thunderstorms, hail, wind, rain, the whole shebang. sarah and got domino's cheesy bread for dinner. it was yummilicious. and we watched QAF of course. went to bed eventually...
today was the first day of classes. i had to buy notebooks and such first, so i went to the academon. i mistakenly got a five-pack of the 5x5 grid type notebooks instead of normal lines. which kind of sucks, cuz it's harder to read. but oh well. they were a steal. ummm...class was ok. Biblical figures and stories in Jewish, Christian and Islamic art. i'm not a huge fan of reading a lot of shite into paintings. but i have like...5 friendly people in the class, including em, so that's good.
we got out early, which was nice, cuz i could actually go back to the room and breathe before i had to run to my internship. caught the 12:20 bus, actually got there early, but my boss wasnt there and nobody spoke english and i couldnt remember my classroom teacher's name and everything was confused until i managed to figure it out. then i spent three hours helping to corrall kids that i couldnt understand with a teacher who doesnt speak english. her name is Wejdan. or something like that. she's Arab. very nice lady. the kids are adorable. it was just a little overwhelming. it'll get better as i start to pick up more easy hebrew stuff though. hopefully!
had to wait forever for the bus home, but eventually i got home, went shopping with em...then back to the room, dinner, hung out, etc. no homework yet, really, which is sweet :-)
but hebrew starts again at 8:30 tomorrow morning. urgh.

sleep time soon!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

new pics

my second batch of pictures is up, HERE.

i put a lot of titles on this time, so hopefully you wont be confused, and i'll go back and title the others that i hadn't yet. so check back there too.

today we went to the shuk. my friends bought stuff for shabbos dinner tomorrow. i bought the cake, since i can't bake it since there are NO OVENS in any of the dorms. grar. we also went to the pharmacy on ben yehuda. fun stuff.

oh yeah. i had my "three hour test" today, which ended up taking me all of an hour 15, because it was really only 4 pages. two double sided. yeah. pretty easy, so i think i did ok. :-)

after the test we came back to the room, and i made something so yummy i think it may be my new favorite breakfast. i did a scrambled egg, then buttered one side of a piece of bread and put it in the pan with cheese on top until the cheese was melty, put the egg on and voila. yummyness. then we crashed. slept for a little over an hour. then got up, computered, went to the shuk, v'zeyoo (and that's it).

now i'm just chilling...em's going out with some of her friends tonight, so i shall have the room to myself. prob will do some reading, or maybe watch something online. yeah.

enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hokay. so. updates. um, um. class, blah. class, blah. singing, blah.
today, had my oral test. bleh. i guess i didnt suck completely, cuz the teacher was like, don't worry, you speak beautifully. so, yeah. *shrugs*. then i had over an hour's break...went to go get money, wandered through the Academon (school storeish place, where they have EVERYTHING--except what you really want), walked back to school through the botanical garden which was soothing, got a chocolate croissant, hung out with people...more class...then we had a WONDERFUL performance, guy named Liron, on guitar and hang. the hang is a drum-ish thing that makes the most wonderful sounds..., listen to the clips. i wish i'd had my camera! it's soooooo cool. and this guy's HANDS, oh MAN they were moving so fast on the drum that you could hardly see 'em...makes me wonder what else he can do with 'em ;-) juuuuust kidding. but seriously. it was great. then MORE class...then finally the day was over. no more ulpan, after my test tomorrow! yay!
headed home, computered, ate a quick sandwich, and then headed to my internship site! Met my boss, Adena, who is a wonderfully quirky lady, who is obsessed with frogs. there must have been over 200 in her office, statues, stuffed animals, what have you. even her computer mouse was a frog. jeesh. she's really cool though. and i'm gonna be working with the older babies--around 18-24 months. LOVE. there's one named Hamish. i think i want to adopt him. so i played with them for a's gonna be great. except that the teacher doesnt speak english, only hebrew and arabic. so that's gonna be interesting. i may actually get some use out of my rusty hebrew! Yay. the only issue that's arisen is getting there...i took a taxi both ways today, cost me over 70 shekels. that's like 17 bucks. yikes. margot says the #30 bus goes there, so i'm going to try that on sunday, i think. :-\

let's see...other than that, not much else is new. i have new pics on the comp, will try and get them on photobucket soon. but for now, i should probably go study :-(

here's a teaser though!

view from the top of the faculty building at school. hells yeah!

Monday, February 16, 2009

scratch that!

got a router, the guy from the school finally called back and was like, come with me right now to the kfar (student village) and you can have a router for 250NIS and get 70NIS back at the end of teh year when you return it. and the girls across the hall will split it with us too. so ALL IS GOOD. my friend margot is gonna come install it later tonight. for now, back to studying while em has her skype date with one of her friends from home.


number one source of frustration: NO ROUTER still. roar.
back up.
Saturday we slept in a bit, made french toast with our friend Sarah for breakfast--SO GOOD. Then we hung out, watched QAF, i did homework, blahdeblah...then we went out! Our friend Ari turned 18, which is the drinking age here, so we took her out to dinner at a place called Cafe Cafe and then to a bar called Goldy's...very fun, even if we WERE out til after 1.
Sunday (yesterday), class, blah, studying, blah...We found out that we have an oral final on wednesday (5 min alone or 10 with a partner, on one of 5 topics) and a THREE HOUR WRITTEN FINAL on thursday. EEEEEEK. Anywho. Then we were gonna go to the router store place but emily wasn't feeling good. So no. hung out all afternoon, then i went to the Jeff Seidel center for dinner and a talk about Kabbalah. It was quite fascinating, and the guy talking was HILARIOUS. Kabbalah is cool shit. yep. then back to the room, internet, studying, yeah.
TODAY. let's see. more class. lecture about israeli money that i slept through. then. we were planning to go to the place, Ivory, to get the router. but it might cost more to get there and back in a taxi than it would to just get the frikkin' $60 router from Bezeq. So i've been calling hither and thither, trying to find directions from Ivory (call got disconnected), trying to see if Bezeq has a better deal (my friend Avi said she got a deal where when she returned the router, she got money back. the guy i finally talked to at Bezeq seemed to say that this wasn't possible, although he was very confusing) and the rep at our school didnt have the answer, gave me another guy's number who's supposed to be the tech guy for the school, i've called like 10 times (what kimo calls "spamming" someone) and he wont pick up. Emily's cousin who was supposed to look for a cheaper one is on his way to barcelona, but his wife is trying to work on it for us. we thought about just GOING, and figuring it out when we got there, but i'm just not in the mood anymore for a trek to the city (plus em has a skype date in less than two hours now). ROAR. i mean, after one little spat, we have pretty much settled into the whole sharing thing, but it's really frustrating still.

another frustration: we were supposed to get a new desk in our room yesterday. they made us clean off our desks before class (no easy task, lemme tell ya). Get home after class, no new desk. they appear to be installing one for some peeps down the hall. wait, wait, wait...eventually it came to light that the desks they ordered? TWO INCHES TOO SHORT FOR THE FRAMES. smaaaaaaart. so we get another letter under our door today, "the desks are going to the carpenter to be fixed. we'll let you know when you need to clean off again". BAH HUMBUG.

also, it's cold. windy. brrrrrr. yea yea yea, not as cold as MA, but for HERE, it's chilly. i no like it.

i dont want to study, i dont want to do an oral exam (even though we're allowed to have notes), i just want ulpan to be over and i get a good grade (speaking of which i got a 90 on my test from last week, which is wondrous) and yeah. i'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to regular classes, simply because they're in ENGLISH. five hours of hebrew is just...ow.

over and out.

Friday, February 13, 2009

okay okay okay

urm. nothing very special going on.

today in class, we had some actors come in. they put on a funny skit thing and then had ppl from the class do whose-line esque things (improv) hebrew. yeah. it was kind of fun. then we played a game. and in the morning she gave us chocolate. :-D almost but not quite made up for the fact that we had school on a friday :-(

went to the IT guys yesterday and found that we can get a router for 120 sheks over in givat shaul. that's sunday's task.

I GOT THE INTERNSHIP. YAY!!! will be working in an Arab-Jewish preschool at the YMCA in jlem. my friend margot will be too...i'm super excited! also, there is a reunion in december. in MALIBU, CA. HELLS TO THE YEAHHHHHH.

we went to the store yesterday and got more nummies. aka wacky mac (a little disappointing), shnitzel (more like chicken nuggets) which was tonight's dinner...more tuna...yeah. good stuff. it's so nice having a closer supermarket than evil mr zol's up in french hill. well, okey, it's not evil, it's good, but it's FAR. especially when carrying heavy groceries. so yeah.

weekend plans: watching a movie and drinking wine tonight with becca, tomorrow taking our friend ariana out for her birthday after shabbos ends. :-D


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some things don't change

Namely, the fact that I am a) a procrastinator and b) an internet addict, which oh so helpfully go together...*sigh* so yeah, i'm procrastinating doing my homework, and updating, since my father reminds me i haven't since *gasp* MONDAY.

Tuesday was DISGUSTING. crazy crazy crazy strong wind all morning, and then starting in the mid-afternoon, rain, hail, etc. i did not leave my building, needless to say, even though i have been having SEVERE pancake cravings and we now have a pan and spatula, but we dont have any mix yet. soon. SOON. crepes just don't cut it, israel! i want me a good-ol'-fashioned pancake breakfast, diner-style, big pancakes with chocolate chips, maple syrup...mmmmmmm. anywho. so yeah, we "slept in", although i woke up at 5:30 am to my computer growling at me, went and turned it to hibernate, then couldnt really fall back asleep again. le sigh. we ate, i played on the computer, then started studying, took a shower, watched QAF with the girls, studied some more, made a microwaved tuna melt, watched the wind, listened to the hail...went to bed around 11.

today, it was still rainy. the sun has finally come out now, at 4pm, but at 8:15 this morning it was gross and cold. no fun. then our teacher tells us that the test will be at 12, but first! let's learn something completely new! oh goody! i mean, it's not something hard, just another verb form that is very similar to the ones we already know, but still. the only good part was that it kind of helped review stuff. kind of. it was SO cold in our classroom today, but a few of the boys were WARM, and we had an ongoing battle between windows-open and windows-shut. ROAR. when we got back from teh first break, i was literally shivering it was so cold! eventually we had the test. it was not bad...there were two words in the first part that i wasn't sure of, so i kind of guessed, but at least i have a 50-50 chance--we had to match them with synonyms from a word bank, and the two in the word bank that i had left i didnt know either...oops. la'atzav and la'azor, how the hell am i supposed to tell the difference? oy. other than that and one other part that i also guessed on, i did pretty well on most of the test i think. it's kind of sad though, when more than half of the questions the class had during the test were just "what do the directions say?" we know what we studied, but nothing more...hehe. anyways, i finished early and then went to the forum to mail the rest of my first batch of postcards--44 shekels for 8. le sigh. at least i think i saw a place on Ben Yehuda where they only cost like 1.5 shekels as opposed to the 2.5 i paid for these. so the next time i'm there i'll get a few more to send to those who didnt get them in the first round. aka my family ;-)

then i came home, and got a letter :-D it made me happy. and then i skyped. and then emily came home and wanted the internet. and now she's off to Ben Yehuda with our friend Ariana, and i'm going to probably do my homework for tomorrow and yeah. maybe skype some more, who knows? ain't the internet wonderful.

ummmm i think that's it. i asked em to go look for a router while she's out. we really need to each be able to be online whenever we want, this sharing thing is not going very well. :-( but here's the thing--our internet, for the next four months, will end up costing us MAYBE $10 each. or less. so i'm kind of willing to pay $25 each for a router or something. cuz hey, our friend ari is paying like $30 a month. so yeah.

the end :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok, i have more time now

since we have internet in the room and i finally got it working on my computer! let's see, let's see, what to write about. I wrote about our weekend already...if anyone's got any questions, raise 'em and i'll answer.
erm. class, class and more class. it's INTENSE. from now on it's 8:30-1:45, with only one half-hour and one 15-minute break. i have a test on wednesday, a BIG one. tomorrow after i sleep in (hooray for israeli elections giving us a real day off!) and eat, most of the afternoon/evening will probly be studying. oh, and watching QAF :-) the girls are watching right now, and i'm listening. hehe.
Oh, so on sunday i forgot that it was sunday. and called my parents at 7:30am their time, thinking they had to go to work. LOL. it worked out ok, though, because they went downstairs in their PJs and talked to me on skype. mommy was so excited! and today i talked to Jaime too. i like this whole internet-in-the-room dealio :-)
Today is monday? yeah. Class, class, class...then break, had shwarma again, this time in lafa bread--it's big and flat, a lot more bread than the pita but the same price so yeah. but i COULD. NOT. FINISH. it was SO BIG. and then it sat in my stomach for like two hours. like a rock. a yummy, yummy, very filling rock :-) but yeh. then i had a group interview for the internship i applied for. it was kind of fun. they made us roleplay...i was paired with this other girl, and we had a child named Jaime/Jamie or whatever, and we had to debate the merits of sending him/her to jewish day school. i had the negative side, and it was SO hard to do cuz sarah had SUCH a good argument. oy. but yeah. my advisor PROMISED he'd get me in if i'm not accepted straight off, and my essay was pretty darn good, so yeah. ummm then i headed into the city with em, sarah m, and a few other girls...stef and i were supposed to go see Mara, one of the staff from hillel who's been in israel all year, but she left Jlem before we got there :-( she'll be back in the country in april though, so we'll see her then. so Em and sarah and i split off from the others, walked all around the shuk (outdoor market thingy) and bought some kitchen implements and em got HUGE kiwis and two pashminas, and then we went to ben yehuda street, wandered around, and got gelato. sarah had this belgian waffle LOADED with chocolate and gelato and it looked SO GOOD but i was good and got a SMALL chocolate cup. mmmmmmmmmmmm. so yummmmyyy. then we headed home...there was this guy on the bus. he had a gun tucked into a holster in his pants, we saw it when he reached up to hold the rail. it was interesting. and we assumed he was israeli, and made some sotto voce comments about his...tush...and then he went to sit down with a girl who was OBVIOUSLY his girlfriend but he kept STARING at me. like, every time i glanced over there we made eye contact. it was...unsettling. and then i heard him talking and he was AMERICAN. woah. you kind of get used to israelis with guns everywhere, big huge carabiners and such, but an american...first i've seen. but yeah. anyways. we got off the bus at the bottom of the hill and walked up, to work off the ice cream :-)
now we're just hanging out, watching QAF, gonna go to bed semi-early and sleep in tomorrow.

oh, forgot to write about Tu B'shevat. It's the holiday of the trees...celebrating spring and growth and trees and such. it's a big deal here. also, lots and lots and lots of dried fruit. YUM. last night we went to a special meal celebrating it, at the community center in Pisgat Ze'ev, the community that is sponsoring emily and giving her an internship. it was interesting, except that the music was LOUD, and the weather is changing so my sinuses were hurting, and yeah. no fun. and the wine was icky :-( but yeah. free fruit :-) nom. and today in class we sang songs and got more dried fruit and nuts. and then at the interview they gave us even MORE. my bowels aren't gonna like me in the next day or so, too much dried fruit, lol. sorry, TMI.

all right, i think that's me all caught up. :-D love you all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

quick update

i have twenty more minutes of breaktime and i gotta go to the bathroom, but i'll update VERY fast:
thursday we went to em's cousins' for dinner and the night. it was a lot of fun. we drank whisky with her cousin alon--not bad, but not great :-)
friday we got home at 12, had about an hour and a half in the room, then headed out to a Yishuv (settlement) on the jordanian border, northeast of the city, called Kochav HaShachar--dawn star. it is a completely orthodox yishuv, which was quite an experience for me and Emily. We stayed with a very nice family; Nanette, Avi, and the kids Shali (12), Mayer (7), and Leah (3.5). They were great. we went to services on friday night at their shul, where the women sit on a balcony with curtains so the guys don't get distracted. oy. not our thing at ALL. saturday we slept in as best we could with Meyer singing at the top of his lungs before they went to up, had lunch (cold shnitzel...oy.) and then went for a walk with Nanette, Leah and Em and played at the playground for a while...Then went home and got into an intense discussion of different religious movements with Avi that made us...well...uncomfortable to say the least. He sees things as black and white--G-d gave us these rules, and we are supposed to follow them without much question. We are reform/reconstructionist and see Judaism as being more personal, adaptable, etc. Yeesh. it was interesting to hear his views but yeah. no. we played with the kids some more and then went to a Bar Mitzvah party thing where there was nothing for me to eat but bread...then packed up our stuff and baaaaarely caught the bus back to Jlem, then waited at the Tachanah Mercazit for EVER for a bus before giving in and taking a taxi (which actully was pretty cheap, considering). Finally got home, showered, skyped kimo, did homework, ate, crashed. class today 9-1:45, and every day but tuesday this week is 8:30-1:15. UGH.
ok, if i wanna go to the bathroom i gotta go NOW. so yeah. more later, perhaps...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


IT WORKS! I am posting from OUR ROOM!!!!
Of course, for some reason it's only working on Emily's computer, so i'm on hers, skyping with kimo and checking all my sites and such :-) I'm so excited! Now if only we could get it to work on mine; we only have one modem and one connection though so we'd have to share anyways. I'd just like to be on my own computer, with my favorites and AIM and all. Hopefully we'll figure out how to either get a bigger modem or some sort of splitter. but yay! INTERNET!!! i'm practically floating right now :-DDDDDDD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

*le sigh*

Uhm. Not much to report. we're CLOSER to having our own internet, in that we have a modem, but it wont connect. some girls from down the hall say that they have the same issue but someone's coming to fix it tomorrow. maybe they can fix ours too.

the modem deal meant we had to go into the city. meaning, busses, lots of 'em. well, really, just the 28 line. but yeah. it's kind of fun, going through the ultra-orthodox neighborhood (mea shearim) and watching all the black hats and the little boys with huge sidelocks and such. kind of sad though...i dont know. i have so many issues with orthodoxy, and it makes me sad to think that those cute little boys will grow up believing that all they gotta do is study study study and marry some poor girl who barely knows them and pop out lots of kids and so on and so on, and that they're better than anyone who doesn't dress modestly or pray three times a day and spend all of shabbos in shul. oy.

This weekend should be fun, minus the craploads of homework i have to do, and the fact that i have class on sunday. roar. tomorrow we're doing laundry and dinner at em's cousins', friday we may be going to the shuk in the city (aka CHEAP FOOD), and then for shabbos we're going to some lady named Nanette's house outside the city for the entire holiday. lots of free food, lots of nice people, and holy crap maybe a REAL BED for a night! WOOT.

In unrelated news, i seem to have developed a little stye on my eye. it's quite annoying. i've never gotten one before. stress, maybe? oy.

*sigh* time to go home and watch some more qaf before bed...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today wasn't much better than yesterday. Although there were two GOOD things that almost, but not quite balance out the bad.
1) the weather is GORGEOUS. Maybe not quite 70 like my computer claims, but still quite nice. In the middle of Ulpan today we had a tour of campus, led by a woman whose sense of style would have fit very nicely in the early 80s. spiked (though thinning) top of her hair, with a below-shoulder-length mullet in back...five rings through one ear, a long dangly silver thing in the other...and the clothes...oy. OH, AND, egyptian eyes. nuff said. but it was gorgeous out and i understood most of what she said (when i was paying attention) and she showed us one of the most beautiful views of the city that i've ever seen, and yeah.
2) the discovery of a mini supermarket, CLOSE to our dorm. yup. and ben and jerry's mini-cups for 10 NIS. woot.

3) 8:15AM. EVIL.
5) MOLDY BREAD. after five days. ummmmwhat? oh, lookie that. the BAG HAD HOLES. WONDERFUL. thank you israeli supermarket!
between the hormones, the tiredness, and all, i just want to scream or punch someone or both. Sorry.

three weeks ago, we were at the airport. crazy, huh. if only we had known what awaited us...*sigh*

Monday, February 2, 2009


nothing new or happy to report today...just another day of the same old, same old. except we had our other teacher in Ulpan today--we're supposed to have two teachers, but for one reason or another for the past two weeks we've only had the one, Mazal. the second, Shulamit, finally taught today. it was QUITE different than Mazal. She spoke only hebrew, assumed that we knew a lot (because when she popped in last week to say hi Mazal was doing something waaaaaay above our level) and basically went a little too fast for me. I feel so far behind because afer two years of hebrew i SHOULD know a lot of the words that people around me know just from summers at Jew camp. It's quite frustrating.

After Ulpan I dropped off the rest of my application for the internship, waited while my friends did stuff on the fourth floor, then let emily use my comp to put pictures up on facebook (hers for some reason won't let her post pictures anywhere, so we put them on my flash drive and she used my comp) and went and got my daily chocolate croissant while she did that, then sat and read my book (I'm reading Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series, which is really for young adults but is pretty good, and is DEF better than nothing! I go through them really fast though, i'm on the 4th book in 3 days) until she was done, then had my own internet time. then back to the room...lunch, reading, napping, reading, etc etc etc. We're pretty boring in the afternoons :-) then i had dinner and watched some of The Devil Wears Prada with Em and then came up to the cafe to talk to people. because...

Em's cousin said for SURE we'd get it today. But unless it's come in the hour or so since i came up here, which is doubtful as it's almost 8pm, no dice. not happy. we're seriously all regulars at Aroma now, the baristas practically know us on sight. SO FRUSTRATINGGGGGG.

Today's my mommy's birthday. Happy birthday mommy! I love you! I wish I could be home so i could take her out to lunch, but c'est la vie. Rain check!

Actually, you wanna know another reason i wanna be home? I NEED A MASSAGE. i'm gonna have to ask around, see if cheapish massage parlors exist in this country cuz my back's been spasming. roar. anybody wanna pay plane fare so that i can come to NoHo and get a massage? either that or i need to find a male friend to pick me up and crack my's kind of interesting, but with the exception of my friend Ari's admirer Uriel, i don't really associate with that many boys. good thing i'm not looking for any, huh? seriously, if it wasn't for Uriel and the four guys in my Ulpan, i'd never talk to boys at all. hm.

Ok, now i'm just blathering. See ya.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So shabbos was nice. Dinner went off very well, lemon-herb chicken with pasta, veggies, garlic bread. And wine, of course :-) We started very early and were done by 6:30! Then just hung around for a while before we dragged ourselves back out into the cold to go home, and then Sarah and Em and I watched some more Queer as Folk before bed. Yesterday we slept in, then woke up, did some homework, were our books...called Leah but she wasn't awake or something...watched like five episodes of QAF, then Leah and Ariana picked up Domino's for us and we had a pizza party and watched Across the Universe. then bed.
This morning, got up, and went to the pharmacy in Ramat Eshkol (very nearby) with Leah. it was kind of a teeny pharmacy, but they had most of what i needed. except they only had hydrogen peroxide in teeeeeeeeeny bottles. but they had listerine and a nail file and eye wipes for emily, but no shampoo that i wanted. i can get that at the supermarket though, i guess. i'm gonna need it soon. after a little confusion about the bus back, i made it home...took a shower, read a little bit, and then when em got back from class we went up to Aroma to go on the computer and such. i got a cheese and apple tart, which was not as good as i had remembered from the other time i tried it :-( and it was 17 NIS so i refuse to get anything else, much as the fresh bread sitting right in front of me is tempting me. I just wrote my essay for the application for the internship i talked about a few posts ago, which was pretty fun to write, actually. All about when i worked as an aide to the fourth grade hebrew school class, how bad the class was and how i would change it. :-)
Now i'm gonna head home, have a small snack, then i'm meeting my friend Avi back here at 5 to hang out and then tonight there's free schnitzel dinner at the Jeff Seidel student center and a talk about Genesis and the Big Bang (i swear i'm not being brainwashed i swear i'm not being brainwashed i swear i'm not being brainwashed!). SCHNITZEL!! FREE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

and hopefully we get real internet tomorrow! wooooooooooooohoooooooooo!!!