Thursday, February 19, 2009

new pics

my second batch of pictures is up, HERE.

i put a lot of titles on this time, so hopefully you wont be confused, and i'll go back and title the others that i hadn't yet. so check back there too.

today we went to the shuk. my friends bought stuff for shabbos dinner tomorrow. i bought the cake, since i can't bake it since there are NO OVENS in any of the dorms. grar. we also went to the pharmacy on ben yehuda. fun stuff.

oh yeah. i had my "three hour test" today, which ended up taking me all of an hour 15, because it was really only 4 pages. two double sided. yeah. pretty easy, so i think i did ok. :-)

after the test we came back to the room, and i made something so yummy i think it may be my new favorite breakfast. i did a scrambled egg, then buttered one side of a piece of bread and put it in the pan with cheese on top until the cheese was melty, put the egg on and voila. yummyness. then we crashed. slept for a little over an hour. then got up, computered, went to the shuk, v'zeyoo (and that's it).

now i'm just chilling...em's going out with some of her friends tonight, so i shall have the room to myself. prob will do some reading, or maybe watch something online. yeah.

enjoy the pics!


  1. nice pictures - almost too many flowers tho -- as i sit here with snow still on the ground i shouldn't complain!!

  2. very nice pics (and i don't think there are too many flower pics except maybe the duplicates!)

    i can't believe you just found out about the sculpture garden... i think i noticed it the first time i looked at the map of HU!!


  3. Egg and cheese sandwiches are yummy :) Btw they are served at fast food restaurants as one of the breakfast items. probably not as good as yours but yeah... thought you should know :)