Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some things don't change

Namely, the fact that I am a) a procrastinator and b) an internet addict, which oh so helpfully go together...*sigh* so yeah, i'm procrastinating doing my homework, and updating, since my father reminds me i haven't since *gasp* MONDAY.

Tuesday was DISGUSTING. crazy crazy crazy strong wind all morning, and then starting in the mid-afternoon, rain, hail, etc. i did not leave my building, needless to say, even though i have been having SEVERE pancake cravings and we now have a pan and spatula, but we dont have any mix yet. soon. SOON. crepes just don't cut it, israel! i want me a good-ol'-fashioned pancake breakfast, diner-style, big pancakes with chocolate chips, maple syrup...mmmmmmm. anywho. so yeah, we "slept in", although i woke up at 5:30 am to my computer growling at me, went and turned it to hibernate, then couldnt really fall back asleep again. le sigh. we ate, i played on the computer, then started studying, took a shower, watched QAF with the girls, studied some more, made a microwaved tuna melt, watched the wind, listened to the hail...went to bed around 11.

today, it was still rainy. the sun has finally come out now, at 4pm, but at 8:15 this morning it was gross and cold. no fun. then our teacher tells us that the test will be at 12, but first! let's learn something completely new! oh goody! i mean, it's not something hard, just another verb form that is very similar to the ones we already know, but still. the only good part was that it kind of helped review stuff. kind of. it was SO cold in our classroom today, but a few of the boys were WARM, and we had an ongoing battle between windows-open and windows-shut. ROAR. when we got back from teh first break, i was literally shivering it was so cold! eventually we had the test. it was not bad...there were two words in the first part that i wasn't sure of, so i kind of guessed, but at least i have a 50-50 chance--we had to match them with synonyms from a word bank, and the two in the word bank that i had left i didnt know either...oops. la'atzav and la'azor, how the hell am i supposed to tell the difference? oy. other than that and one other part that i also guessed on, i did pretty well on most of the test i think. it's kind of sad though, when more than half of the questions the class had during the test were just "what do the directions say?" we know what we studied, but nothing more...hehe. anyways, i finished early and then went to the forum to mail the rest of my first batch of postcards--44 shekels for 8. le sigh. at least i think i saw a place on Ben Yehuda where they only cost like 1.5 shekels as opposed to the 2.5 i paid for these. so the next time i'm there i'll get a few more to send to those who didnt get them in the first round. aka my family ;-)

then i came home, and got a letter :-D it made me happy. and then i skyped. and then emily came home and wanted the internet. and now she's off to Ben Yehuda with our friend Ariana, and i'm going to probably do my homework for tomorrow and yeah. maybe skype some more, who knows? ain't the internet wonderful.

ummmm i think that's it. i asked em to go look for a router while she's out. we really need to each be able to be online whenever we want, this sharing thing is not going very well. :-( but here's the thing--our internet, for the next four months, will end up costing us MAYBE $10 each. or less. so i'm kind of willing to pay $25 each for a router or something. cuz hey, our friend ari is paying like $30 a month. so yeah.

the end :-)

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  1. You mean "lE'atzEv" and la'azor? If so, the former means "design" while the latter means "help".