Monday, February 16, 2009


number one source of frustration: NO ROUTER still. roar.
back up.
Saturday we slept in a bit, made french toast with our friend Sarah for breakfast--SO GOOD. Then we hung out, watched QAF, i did homework, blahdeblah...then we went out! Our friend Ari turned 18, which is the drinking age here, so we took her out to dinner at a place called Cafe Cafe and then to a bar called Goldy's...very fun, even if we WERE out til after 1.
Sunday (yesterday), class, blah, studying, blah...We found out that we have an oral final on wednesday (5 min alone or 10 with a partner, on one of 5 topics) and a THREE HOUR WRITTEN FINAL on thursday. EEEEEEK. Anywho. Then we were gonna go to the router store place but emily wasn't feeling good. So no. hung out all afternoon, then i went to the Jeff Seidel center for dinner and a talk about Kabbalah. It was quite fascinating, and the guy talking was HILARIOUS. Kabbalah is cool shit. yep. then back to the room, internet, studying, yeah.
TODAY. let's see. more class. lecture about israeli money that i slept through. then. we were planning to go to the place, Ivory, to get the router. but it might cost more to get there and back in a taxi than it would to just get the frikkin' $60 router from Bezeq. So i've been calling hither and thither, trying to find directions from Ivory (call got disconnected), trying to see if Bezeq has a better deal (my friend Avi said she got a deal where when she returned the router, she got money back. the guy i finally talked to at Bezeq seemed to say that this wasn't possible, although he was very confusing) and the rep at our school didnt have the answer, gave me another guy's number who's supposed to be the tech guy for the school, i've called like 10 times (what kimo calls "spamming" someone) and he wont pick up. Emily's cousin who was supposed to look for a cheaper one is on his way to barcelona, but his wife is trying to work on it for us. we thought about just GOING, and figuring it out when we got there, but i'm just not in the mood anymore for a trek to the city (plus em has a skype date in less than two hours now). ROAR. i mean, after one little spat, we have pretty much settled into the whole sharing thing, but it's really frustrating still.

another frustration: we were supposed to get a new desk in our room yesterday. they made us clean off our desks before class (no easy task, lemme tell ya). Get home after class, no new desk. they appear to be installing one for some peeps down the hall. wait, wait, wait...eventually it came to light that the desks they ordered? TWO INCHES TOO SHORT FOR THE FRAMES. smaaaaaaart. so we get another letter under our door today, "the desks are going to the carpenter to be fixed. we'll let you know when you need to clean off again". BAH HUMBUG.

also, it's cold. windy. brrrrrr. yea yea yea, not as cold as MA, but for HERE, it's chilly. i no like it.

i dont want to study, i dont want to do an oral exam (even though we're allowed to have notes), i just want ulpan to be over and i get a good grade (speaking of which i got a 90 on my test from last week, which is wondrous) and yeah. i'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to regular classes, simply because they're in ENGLISH. five hours of hebrew is just...ow.

over and out.

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