Friday, March 6, 2009

I've been here 7 weeks...wowwww.

sorry it's been so long. here goes.
it's been a pretty normal week--second week of classes, y'know. Saturday I went out in the hail and rain and hung out with Adrienne and her daddy for a few hours, which was great! Sunday had the second day of my internship, which was a lot easier than the first since i, um, KNEW WHERE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. lol. it was cool. I took really cute pictures of the kids--like this one: Isabel, my little English-speaker. she's adorable to the max. i just wanna eat her up. Yeah. It was fun, although again I left feeling grubby and germy and spend the next few days taking Airborne at least two times a day to fight the baby-germs. i need to buy some vitamin C. yup. Monday started normal and cold and bleh, and then I had a field trip! We (being my Archaology of Jerusalem class) went to the City of David, or Ir David. It was...long. and cold. but some of it was pretty or interesting, though by the end i just wanted to get back to school and to my next class--we got back 1/2 hour into the next lesson. Roar. Luckily my teacher is cool about it. Yeah. Um. Nothing else really exciting happened this week, until today, I don't think. Um...Yeah. I sat in the room a lot, didn't really do much exciting at night. Made pancakes again last night--best batch yet, although they persist in being kind of wet inside, not underdone, just wet. I think maybe cuz of the oil? Maybe I'll try it without, next time. Hmm. It's fun to make my own recipe, tweaking it a little each time :-D
So anyways. Yesterday when the day was over it was like FINALLY. Weekend! Went back to the room and hung out, Em had a thing so I was all alone, showered, made pancakes, etc...Then Sarah downloaded/YouTubed the movie "Liar Liar" and we watched that. I ended up not getting a lot of sleep last night, because I didnt really get to bed til like 11:30 and then Em came in at like 12 and yeah. Oh well. but then...
Got up at 6:30 this morning, got ready in the semi-dark to go on a field trip to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. Sarah and Bekah and I walked up together, to the North Gate of the student village where we met up with Leah and got on Rotem's bus. Rotem is one of our madrichim, counselors, who is SO AWESOME. of course we had to be on her bus! And it was doubly lucky we did, because we met a new friend--Josh, from Sydney, Australia, who just arrived here yesterday after a THIRTY-FIVE-HOUR flight. Including a stop in Thailand where the airport put El Al at the same gate as Iran Air...smaaaaart. hehe. but yeah, he studies law in Australia, so they put him in the grad school here, and he's fluent in Hebrew so he didnt have to come to Ulpan. He just came today to meet new people--and found us! He's pretty cool, and hey, ACCENT. Then we went to Ein Gedi, which is an oasis in the desert near the dead sea. We hiked a gorgeous path, saw ibex (mountain goats), hyrex (little rodent things), birds, waterfalls, rock formations, etc etc etc. it was SO hot. some people went swimming under one of the waterfalls, until one guy ruined it by jumping in from a ledge which he had been told not to do. i put my feet in. cooollllld. But anyways. Thennnnnnn we went to the dead sea! We went straight down to the water, which was only a problem because it meant i had to change into my bathing suit bottom in public (the changing rooms and bathrooms cost money...heck no!). I managed. May have flashed Sarah a little, but that's it. Then we trekked down to the MUD! As you can see, I (and Bekah, L, and Sarah, R) got pretty covered. It was soooo one of the other girls put it, we grow up being told NOT to play in, step in, touch the mud, and then you get here, reach in to the holes and grab some mud and and go *SLOP* and it's SO FUN. We walked back a bit, then ventured into the water--it was COLD. But once i got past the freeeezingness and got all the way in, it was pretty fun. I floated out a bit, and had fun "standing" in water where i could not actually feel the ground. hehe. eventually Bekah and I got out, because, well, certain parts of a lady start to hurt when exposed to super-salty-mineraly water. Yeah. Oh well. Got out slowly but surely, showered off quickly in the outdoor pull-shower (ALSO COLD!! GRR) and then sat in the sun (did i mention it was like, 80 degrees out? WOOT) with Leah and Josh for a while and just chatted. Took some more pictures. Today's a DITL day, so everything from this day will be up on my other blog in a few days. Get this--today's optional theme is "natural". um DUH how perfect could it get?? Lol. So that should be fun to put together later! Anywho. When we got bored of sitting on the beach, we walked up to the main entrance area, where sarah and bekah were sitting. I bought ice cream because, well, it was hot, i'd had a long hike, and i WANTED IT. it was delicious :-) So we sat and ate and talked until it was time to go. Then mostly snoozed on the way back. Got home, showered almost immediately to get the rest of the salt and mud and sunscreen (which i think worked and i didnt get burned!) off, and now we're just chillin'. Em was watching a movie when i came home, so i watched with her for a bit. And now i've blogged, daddy I hope you're happy :-)
Plans for the weekend/week: Tomorrow Em's busy allll day, so I'm gonna sleep in, do my homework for the week, and just relax. Maybe go outside if it's as nice as today was! Sunday I have class and my internship, which sucks cuz i gotta miss the Purim carnival at school. But then afterwards, my cousin (mom's first cousin) Adina is going to come meet me at the YMCA and take me to coffee or something. which will be nice. and i MAY go and make Mishlochei Manot (baskets of goodies that are traditional to give to friends/family/needy ppl on Purim) tomorrow night with Rotem and people. Haven't decided yet.
Monday's a normal day, and then we have tuesday and wednesday off for the holiday. I think the current plan is to go to Tel Aviv monday night, which is apparently THE thing to do. I still need to work out my costume--I wanna be a tiger, but need face paint at the very least. Tues and Weds, who knows? We'll try and search out parties with people, i guess. purim is a BIG deal here, like halloween at home. except maybe even bigger. hehe. Thursday is normal classes. and next weekend i'm going to a shabbaton--a retreat thingy--with a bunch of Reform Jews, at a Kibbutz. I'll update again after Purim, ok?

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