Monday, January 5, 2009

Making progress!

So i'm getting there, really i am. I've bought a lot of the things i need, like a converter, space bags, a small toiletry bag, a sleeve thing for my laptop (do you KNOW how hard it is to find one for a 17" laptop? jeesh!), small versions of some toiletries, bonine (motion sickness stuff), etc. I also have a plan for my final week here...tomorrow, possibly going to interview for a job (if not tomorrow, then wednesday), then hanging out with kate and getting my hair done and playing games and going to the Olive Garden with a bunch of friends...wednesday the packing is ON...planning to do a load of laundry and then getting ALL the stuff i want to bring together, on my brother's bed. that's what i generally do, put all my stuff in the other room first, then worry about actually fitting it in suitcases :-) so thursday and friday i'll work on putting it into bags. friday night is my brother's birthday party, and i'm staying overnight, so i'll have less time on saturday, but saturday will be final packing day. because sunday, we go to grandma's. monday, we go to Newark. tuesday, i FLY.


so today there was this pre-orientation thing. the actual thing was in NYC, and then they had an option so that ppl who couldnt get there could call in and listen. there were technical difficulties, people didnt know to mute themselves, and the speakers were really soft so we couldnt hear them very well. it was quite frustrating, but i think we still managed to glean some useful information out of it, as well as figuring out some stuff we still NEED to ask. oy. i'm getting a little more confident about stuff, but of course i'm still scared as all get-out.

seven days. oh man.

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