Monday, January 19, 2009

first day of class!

This morning was the first morning of Ulpan (hebrew class) for me. it was scary! All in Hebrew, little-to-no English, and LOTS that I didnt know. Hopefully I'll catch up! and she didnt give us any homework. 8:15 is just too early for my brain though, and 3/4 days are at that time. BOOOOO.

In other news, I had dinner with my Israeli fam last night. My Great-Aunt Leona, her daughter Adina, and Adina's son Ariel and his family (Ossie, his wife, and kids Elchanan, Gilad, Itay, and Zohar <3 [Shoval was at a bday party]). It was a lot of fun...Zohar, the baby, is SO CUTE it's not even funny. Itay's a little Dennis the Menace, into everything...not very vocal yet, although his parents say he has lots of words. Gilad (5?) and Elchanan (8) are sharp as tacks, very articulate and mostly polite...They remembered me, which was great, and commented on my new hair :-) We had a good chat, Ariel and Ossie invited me and Emily for Shabbos sometime, and yeah. it was good to see family. Then I went home, watched some DVDs with Emily and Sarah, and then went to bed early because we had to get up at 7. UGH.

Plan for the rest of today: we're gonna search out one of the bigger cafeterias here, then shower maybe, then explore the gym. Tonight, who knows?



  1. bah humbug just posted something and it didnt work.... ah well anyways I wrote that Im glad to hear things are going well so far and sorry about the 7 am classes especially since you actually have to be awake for them since its intensive hebrew.

    hope you get your internet working soon!

  2. B'HATZlacha (בהצלחה) with your intensive hebrew class! Glad to hear you connected with family, always a fun time. Have a continued great time in Israel and keep us all updated!