Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oy Gevalt

I always forget the stupid password for this blog, and then i couldnt figure out how to get help in frustrating. but all's good now.

Let's see. Updates.
OBAMA!!!!!!!! last night we went to the Jeff Seidel student center (which i've heard is pretty cultish, but he seems like a cool dude and they had TVs) and crammed into a small room with a bunch of other americans to watch the inauguration. it was AMAZING (with the exception of that poetess...oy) and i was in tears throughout most of it. and then immediately afterwards i called Kimo and yelled at him for not watching and then my mom and gushed about how awesome it was. I am so psyched to see what the next few years will bring...hell, the next few months! In Hebrew class we talked about the inaug, learned lots of words, read a newspaper thing...lots of new stuff.
Ulpan is scary, a bit. Yesterday we got to sing which was fun :-) but today my brain was just not functioning right and i felt very overwhelmed. Partly because Noemi always let us use cheat sheets and dictionaries, but Mazal? no way. and i've NEVER learned the future tense but apparently almost everyone in my class has. i feel dumb. :-( want a picture? or two? lets see. i only have a few on the comp right now but here:
top is the view from my friend sarah's room (note that big gold thing in the middle--yeah, that's the DOME OF THE ROCK. her view is a freaking postcard!). middle is my room, before we made it all pretty. bottom is the view from the big windows at school (all the Rothberg classes are in one building, Boyar, which i'll call "school", even though technically this school is HUGE).

more to come, plus i'll probably make a photobucket or something for all the pics i cant fit here! :-) today, we're going on a "Practical Jerusalem" tour at 2:30, and then i'm meeting my friend Adrienne (who's at school in Tel Aviv) afterwards! I'm so excited to see her, it's been...a verrrry long time (she's been here since last june). Also hopefully today i can buy tons of postcards so i can start writing and sending them :-)

Mailbox situation is still confusing, apparently they don't exist? but have been ordered? it's confusing. i promise to post my addy ASAP!



  1. You are a most excellent student, i know you'll kick that class' and the other class' collective behinds! :D Just try to not let the stress build up, it makes for badtimes.

  2. Omg the views are AMAZING! Looks like you guys are in a really good location, easy to get around, etc.

    It's gonna be 40 degrees out tomorrow.. im planning on wearing a t-shirt! :) Thought that would make you laugh! I'm glad you were able to watch the inauguration!

  3. Looks wonderful!

    Take good care babygirl--XXOO