Saturday, January 24, 2009


Still no internet in the room...just a quick update this time.
This weekend was fun, we went to Tel Aviv yesterday to celebrate my roommate's birthday. It was really fun! Although we all spent a little more money than we'd planned, and thus my budget for the week is down down down...But we managed the taxi/Sherut (big taxis between cities) deal ourselves, and had a lot of fun with Emily's friend Aviv, who let us all stay at his place. Lots of alcohol was consumed, lots of talking and gossiping was done, not much sleep was had...ah well. it was really great. i love my roomie! (who is looking over my shoulder ;-) and waiting to use my comp cuz hers is lame)
Tomorrow we sign up for classes! eek! eeeeeeeek! i have a list. hopefully i'll get the ones i want!!!!

oy. i need all the time in the world to post more. i'm sorry. SOON! if we don't have internet by monday, we're RAISING HELL. like seriously, Israeli bureaucracy is insane. no me gusta. *le sigh*


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