Sunday, January 25, 2009

my address here is:
Reznik dorms of the Hebrew University
Building 10 Room 352
Mt Scopus
Jerusalem 97665

Hopefully by the time anything you send to me gets here, i'll actually have a mailbox. if not, the mail will be sent to our area office, and i can pick it up there.

photobucket album is up, with all my pics thus far: go look!

I have to go soon, cuz we have academic orientation soon! yeesh. okey. ttyl.


  1. Thanks for the pix - whycome some are so blurry tho?? Some need a word or two to show us what we're seeing.... love the pix of Zo!

  2. Hey Shaina! My phone has aim on it, and I had forgotten to turn it off last night, hence why you saw me online early in the morning :)

    Anyways sorry that you still dont have internet... thats insane but glad to hear you had a good weekend!

  3. It's awesome seeing new places! Keep taking those pictures, i'm dying to see more! And mailing things might be slightly more expensive than anticipated, gonna need to visit the post office and ask. Hopefully i'm wrong and it's not that bad. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next entry :D