Monday, January 26, 2009


So this morning started crappy...7am wakeup, and by the time i got to school i had a raging sinus headache that didn't let up at all til after Ulpan, of course. Then i had advising! My adviser is named Alick Isaacs and i think i adore him. he's british. yep. and he looked at my grades and was like, YOU'RE AMAZING. and then i told him what i was interested in and he was like WOW. he said that most people with my level of...intellectualism? intelligence? i dont remember what word he used...don't consider teaching lower grades as a career. i'm like, but that's all i've EVER wanted to do. the fact that i'm good at school has nothing to do with what i want to do in life.

so he's gonna make sure i get into this amazing class/internship program called JESNA/Lainer internship. jewish education service of north america. i get to take a class about jewish education in NA, and do an internship of my choosing--the one i want is an arab-jewish preschool at a YMCA that sounds WONDERFUL. i cannot wait. he said he would tell the prof about me, and make sure i got in no matter what. because, um, DUH. Judaic studies major, education minor, planning to go into Jewish Ed of some sort...could there BE a more perfect program? srsly people. i'm psyched.

ok, time to go find Emily if she's done with her meeting, and figure out who we need to kill (or threaten to kill) to get us internet in the room today. For real, this is ABSURD that we signed up on wednesday and they still say "in the next few days". you've had TWO AND A HALF working days so far (thursday, half of friday, sunday) not cool, stupid Bezeq. roar.

I'll update again soon!

Love m'Yerushalayim...

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  1. So what classes did you get? You never said it!