Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yayyyy mommy and jaime are here!!

So yesterday was a pretty normal day, other than that i was excited for mom and jaime coming and dead-tired from very little sleep. i also had an advisor meeting which was okay, just a mid-semester check-up, nothing special. at night we did homework and watched Captain Planet on YouTube, which is SO MUCH FUNNNNNN. epic win.
TODAY. my body woke me up 7:30ish, and then i couldnt fall back asleep cuz i was waiting for jaime to call saying they'd landed. got that call around 8:30am, then laid in bed for a while longer, finally giving in and getting up around 9. went to hebrew, which was total craziness because we hadn't been informed of a room change, and then we had a lecture which my teacher had forgotten...it was basically about Jerusalem in the 2nd temple period, aka the exact same stuff i'm learning in archaology now. it is kind of fun to listen to a lecture all in hebrew and be able to understand almost everything...it kind of blows my mind a little bit!
after hebrew FINALLY ended, i rushed off to my room, dropped my stuff, did some last-minute straightening, then got on the bus to head up to ramat eshkol where my fam was staying. i accidentally missed the stop, though, and ended up having quite a strenuous uphill walk to their b&b. finally got there, got loves from my mom and jaime, then sat with mommy and chatted while jaime showered. their room is really nice, two COMFY twin beds in on half, a nice little closet, a second room with a kitchenette including sink, fridge, microwave, electric kettle, hotplate, coffee, tea, a table...sweet. and a private bathroom with a nice shower and all. it's actually kind of better than our room here, lol...add a little more storage space, and i wish we could just move in there! after we talked and such a little longer, we headed down to my dorm with the suitcase full of stuff they brought for me :-D ended up taking a cab, cuz the weather sucked and the bus wasn't coming. it was only 20 shek ($5). took them up to my room with no problem, sat for a few minutes while jaime used the computer to email his gf, then sarah joined us and we headed to Aroma for lunch. mom and jaime fell in love with the hot chocolate, as i knew they would! hehe.  then we headed back to the dorm so i could run up and get coupons, then we walked to school so mom and jaime could see some of it and get money from the ATM at the forum, then back to meet up with emily and head to the old city.
we went through the Jaffa gate again, like i did with sarah over purim; wandered our way through to the market place, where we were greeted with the sight and sound of some greek-orthodox monks making their way back to their monastery. so cool! then we walked through to the Kotel; there was an army initiation going on in the plaza, which was pretty neat. we did the whole praying thing, then after jaime took LOTS of pictures we finally headed out of the plaza, up and out of the old city, then as it started to downpour again (the whole day it was sunny for ten minutes, downpour for five, sunny, rain, sunny, rain...couldnt make up its mind!), we got another cab to ben yehuda street. walked around a bit, looked at some pretties, then went to a restaurant called the Focaccia Bar. After much deliberation and a table-move to a table closer to the heating lamp, Jaime ended up with some linguini in tomato-cream sauce, mom and emily both had HUGE salads that came with teriyaki beef strips, I had some linguini in olive oil and herbs, and we all had parts of a focaccia that was piled with tomato slices, arugula salad, and mozerella balls.  we ended up taking home almost more than we ate, it was a LOT of food, plus mom and jaime are pretty jet-lagged so their appetites weren't quite up to snuff. after dinner, we slowly made our way up ben yehuda, with one stop at a store for mom and jaime to get some yogurt and juice for the morning. the 4A, the bus we wanted, came pretty fast, and dropped jaime and mom off first and then me and emily. since then we've just been chilling in the room, i took a shower, etc. 
it was a wonderful first day with my family, despite jet-lag; i missed them so much and it feel so natural to be with them again! oh, and plus they brought me goodies--peanut butter, gushers, fruit-leathers, easy mac, tank tops, capris, and ROMANCE NOVELS zomg. happiness. 
soon we're going to bed, EARLY for once, cuz we're tiiiired. yup. i don't know what's going on yet tomorrow, except that jaime and mom are coming for breakfast and then i dunno what after that. :-)

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