Sunday, March 22, 2009

*sigh* okay, daddy.

my father insists that there are LOTS of people out there waiting for me to update, so update i shall. 
This week was pretty...normal. 
Monday had hebrew, blah, a quick siesta, then another Archaology field trip, this time to the Hinnoam Valley and the tombs there and up Mt. Zion to see some ruins there. It was pretty neat, other than the CLIMBING UP A MOUNTAIN ON A GRAVELLY ROAD part. but the road was covered in ancient shards of pottery, and since my tour guide happened to be my teacher who's a real live super-smart archaologist, some of us picked up some things and showed them to her to get them dated. I found something from late Babylonian-early Muslim time period (um, late first century CE, i think) and my friend Tammy found something from the Second Temple period (between 500something BCE-70CE). it was cool. 
Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing special except that Weds night we went to Margot's room and watched some Grey's Anatomy--she has every episode from this season so far on her laptop. we watched three. it was wonderful.
Then it was the weekend...again, nothing much special. lots of talking to both mom and boy. Friday Sarah and I watched three movies: "Happy Gilmore", "Yes Man" (which i actually really liked) and "She's the Man". It was fun. I made pancakes friday, eggs saturday...yeah.
Then today, we had another Art class field trip, to the Wolfson Art gallery. we were there specifically to look at their exhibit on the Binding of Isaac--you'd be amazed at how many different interpretations there are of the story, not to mention midrashim (stories the sages wrote to make sense of certain unclear Biblical stories). The art was pretty and all, but i've been having some serious problems with my back for the past week and was in so much pain throughout the tour (even after taking three advil beforehand) that I couldn't really appreciate it. Got back to school with very little time to spare before my first bus to work, but decided that I really needed more advil which was in my room so i took my time and caught the second bus instead. I was thinking that I would go to work, talk to my boss, then maybe tell her I couldn't work today because I was in so much pain. However, she of course wasn't in her office when I got there and I didn't want to just leave, so I stuck it out, and luckily the two additional advil kicked in and it wasn't too bad. Got to play with my bebes, be disgusted all over again at the very low standards of cleanliness at the preschool, got to change diapers for the first time--this last is actually more exciting than it sounds, because it means that i have some trust. And even when they're disgusting and poopy, changing diapers is kind of fun for me, because i get to really connect with the kid, weird as that may sound. it's not just holding them or playing with them, it's taking care of one of their essential needs, which makes me more than just a casual playmate. And i get to make faces at them to make them not cry, and blow raspberries in their little tummies, and yeah. Also I got to go outside with them, for the first time, which was really nice cuz it was gorgeous out today. And I made conversation with one of the moms, who is originally Canadian but has lived in NY for the last six years or so, and is here for three years while her husband gets some sort of degree. She was really nice, and we chatted about the preschool, Jewish education, school, and life. Her daughter Isabel is the one that i posted a picture of a few weeks ago. 
After work, headed home, almost fell asleep on the back to the room, said a quick hello-goodbye to kimo then headed out with emily to the big supermarket up the hill, Mr Zol, for things we can't get at our small AM:PM that is close to our dorm. We got all sorts of goodies, bread, butter, juice, etc, but the ones i'm MOST excited for are REAL pancake mix and REAL (well, sort of) pancake syrup! Sure, they were each about $4, but totally worth it. My from-scratch pancakes haven't been bad, but it's so much less work to "just add water (or juice, as my family does it)", and more consistent as well. and SYRUP! WOOOHOOOOO! :-) Let's see...then came home, talked to kimo until he went to work and Skyped with my mom and aunt and uncle and dad, then took a much needed shower. after the shower, we both made dinner, although mine was done way before emily's (she made rice, which means waiting like ten minutes for water to boil, i just made a tuna melt). Then we opened up a bottle of lovely White Riesling that Emily bought earlier today and said a l'chaim and have been drinking while doing homework. don't freak, dad, we're not getting drunk or anything. We're just relaxing...emily had a really bad day, and mine was pretty painful, so this is good. :-)
I'm SO EXCITED that mommy and Jaime are coming soon! they leave from our town at 9am tomorrow morning their time, and arrive at 8:15am my time on tuesday :-DDD Hopefully the "chance of rain" will be more like "no rain", so that we can really enjoy our time in the Old City on Tuesday...then Weds i think they're gonna do a bus tour of Jerusalem, Thursday they might be heading to Haifa and then at night we'll be going to dinner at my cousin's house. I'll update in a few days, mkay?

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