Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holy crap on a stick

it's been a long time since i've really posted! i'm sorry! really!
First, an updated to-do list:
-blog about the past week +
-catch up on my Hebrew hw
-write a paper for my Jesus class, topic still to be fully decided upon...due before i leave (STARTED!)
-go to the Zoo (today!)
-go to see the Chagall windows
-buy presents
-write JESNA paper, due June 9
-go to haifa (this weekend) (can't justify it with all this work, among other reasons)
-sign up for MTELs
-try to see Mara and Evy
-try to enjoy the little time I have left with my friends here without fretting about getting HOME already
-get around to posting lots of pictures
-do my DITL from Sunday
-not die of heat
-Jesna response
-hebrew quiz, oral, final
-stay awake

i'm making progress, really.
Kay, so. You haven't really heard from me since before Itay's hair cut! Wow. That was a lot of fun, got to meet a lot of the family I hadn't before (Anat and family, and Michael, and Ossie's sisters). Emily was a little overwhelmed i think. the ceremony was really cute, Itay was very good, and the food was really nice. Good times.
Next big event...Eilat! Last weekend, I went to Eilat with Sarah and Adrienne, and we met up with Leah and Margot and other-Sarah there. It was a loonnnnngggg bus ride but get this, the girl i sat next to on the way down was also named Shaina! it was funny. We stayed at a pretty nice hostel, only about 66 shek a night (200 for the room split btw three). The most memorable thing from Eilat was the HEAT. it was between 93 and 100 degrees the entire time we were there--even at 2:30am, i was sweating in my tank and short skirt. I went in the water the first day there, it was great. cold and SO clear. i also managed not to get burned! yay! anyways, we walked around a lot, ate a lot, drank not a lot, met some of adrienne's friends, got henna tattoos and ice cream and good stuff like that. eventually, someday, all of my pictures will be on the internet. i swear. by the end of june. that's a promise.
Lets see. then on monday, we had a huge 4-hour tour for my archaology class, partly in the old city for the Ecce Homo arch and some old collection pools, and the rest on the mount of olives. lots of churches. I couldnt go into a bunch of them because my shoulders and knees were uncovered, which was a pain, especially since it was 95 degrees out. oh man was i wiped. got home from that, showered, and then headed to a panel for my JESNA class, with three interesting Jewish educators. Left a little early from that with leah because it was her birthday! her grandparents gave her money to take her friends out to dinner. I still ended up having to pay some cuz we went over, but it was really fun so it was worth it.
the rest of this past week...not very eventful. drama. girl-drama. i'm so tired of girl-drama.
speaking of drama, me and em finally are almost caught up with grey's, thanks to watching four episodes on thursday night, three yesterday, and two today. three more to go! yay.
I was supposed to go to haifa this weekend, but because of said drama as well as financial reasons, it didn't happen. it's okay. because last night i got to have dinner with my friends. yesterday morning i went to the shuk all by myself to get fruit, because my "assignment" for dinner was fruit salad. I got peaches, nectarines, bananas, strawberries, apples, and oranges. Then i wanted a treat, so i headed to Marzipan, and on the way bumped into my friend Adam, the one who went to Hebron with me and Adrienne. He was visiting his friend Alyssa who lives close to jerusalem. got myself a little over half a kilo of rugelach, and promptly ate a few and even gave some to two american girls who were passing by and said "those look so good!". i'm nice like that. headed home, showered and watched some ANTM with Em, then headed up to Margot's for more grey's...around 7 we started prepping for dinner. I made my fruit salad on plates for lack of a bowl; i had this grand idea of how they would look in my head but they turned out kind of different. also, the peaches and nectarines werent so ripe, which made me sad, but people still ate all of the cut ones. the plates were a hit, and i still have lots of fruit left over which is good.
dinner was at Sarah N's place, because her boyfriend was in for the weekend (he's in the Israeli army) and she wanted to impress him. It was them, me em margs and leah, our friend Uriel, Sarah's roommate Keren from Australia, and this kid Jared who i can't stand but everyone kind of feels sorry for. He has Asbergers, is very socially awkward though brilliant, and while i should be okay with that because of my cousin Ben and because i want to be a teacher, something about Jared in particular just rubs me the wrooooong way. ugh. but anyways, it was a really nice dinner, lots of good conversation.
Today has been a lazy day of getting work done and watching more grey's with em before she left for her cousins' for the night.

I'm not sure if the zoo/chagall windows is gonna happen, unless i go by myself. and do i really want to go by myself to the zoo? while it might be cool, i'd rather go with someone. ah well; same as with haifa, they'll still be here the next time i come back, G-d willing. I'd rather finish my work and hang out with my friends than be going all over the place like a crazywoman these last 11 days or so. It's getting so close...while i am so so so incredibly ready to be home, i'm starting to think about the things i will miss--my friends, the shuk, israeli chocolate, public transportation, Hebrew.
It's going to be a tough next two weeks, i can tell you that.


  1. time FLIES believe me im in boxborough now, and i cant believe im not in Korea anymore. Enjoy it while you can even though I know you are more looking forward to coming back than anything else. just remember you wont be back for a while and you only have 11 days left so enjoy them enjoy the things you will miss take LOTS of pictures to remember everything by.

  2. I'll go to Haifa with you!!!!
    can't wait to see you! enjoy your last few weeks

  3. something about Jared in particular just rubs me the wrooooong way.Yah, Aspie people do that a lot. They just don't get social cues and so they wind up doing things that bug people because they have no clue that they're being irritating.

    I worked with a guy like that. He couldn't figure out cues that I wanted or needed to return to work when he was talking to me. He'd just keep talking. So a simple thing like that made him very irritating at times.