Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I swear I have been meaning to post!
Highlights of the past week...
-Dinner on Monday at Em's sponsor's house, along with a soldier named Ethan from Peobody who knows people I know from school. Twas fun.
-Dinner on Tuesday at my cousins' house in Talpiyot, with a lot of people! Including a girl from my program, Aliza, who I only vaguely knew, but it turns out her fam is really close to my cousins, and that i actually met her brother Shai when I was here after Birthright. Weird! She is really nice. We talked all night. We went to shul (synagogue), because religious Jews celebrate the last day of Passover just like the first day. I got a blister from my shoes :-( I like their temple though; even though they're very religious, they're not orthodox, so the men and women are not separated. It's gorgeous, too. Yeah. and then at the end of the night, I walked with the Romirowskys (the other fam) to catch me a cab...they were walking home, because they're also conservative and that night is considered like shabbos. The wind that night was INSANE. i thought Aliza was gonna blow away! Eventually we found me a cab. 
-Wednesday night Em and I broke Pesach at this place called the Focaccia Bar. I had almost an entire medium-pizza-sized focaccia by myself...SO GOOD. mmmmmmm. 

didn't do much the rest of break, i don't think...just kinda lazed around. lame, but there it is.

Sunday Em came back, and I got to meet her mom. She's really nice :-) Sunday night she took us out to dinner after our Yom HaShoah rehearsal. Then Em, Larissa and I got some hot drinks, then met up with some friends whose birthday it was and had a drink at this bar called Egon. Got home pretty late.

Yesterday...classes...quick fooding...back for more rehearsal, 6-9. Went really well. Then just hung out with Sarah, who is back from home and we're so happy she is! yay. 

Today had to get up absurdly early, had a 7:45am call for the Yom HaShoa ceremony. It went off realllly well, everything was beautiful and went seamlessly. LOTS of people came. It was really nice, very moving and meaningful. Then i skipped Hebrew, cuz, well, i was tired. Did laundry, lay outside for a little, then tookk a real nap in my bed. Now we're just hanging out. OH! today i finally got the package my mom and bro sent on FEBRUARY 19!!!! it made me happy. and i also checked our mailbox and there was another letter from my mom! and later this week i should get a letter from the Kimo. it made me really happy today, even though it's Yom HaShoah, which is a somber day :-/.  

Gonna cook up some chicken tonight...we have lots and i'm a worrywart and worry that it's going bad, so i'm gonna just pop a lot of it or all of it into some water and boil it deaddddd :-P then we can just save it for later and use it in sandwiches or quesadillas or whatevs. 

oh! another note: it's HOT OUT! like, 80+ every day this week! going outside at 8am and being warm in a sweatshirt! i love it. :-DDD

kay, that's enough. 


  1. gee, the weather sounds a bit like i experienced in FL. ;^)>

    please be VERY careful re: the chicken... bad chicken can lead to some pretty serious poisoning i think.


  2. freeze the chicken and it wont go bad as quickly. frozen chicken lasts a long time :) Also...why wear a sweatshirt when its 80 degrees outside?