Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3

So i leave for Israel in like, days. well, weeks. three weeks from today. I FINALLY got housing settled today, will be in one of the "normal" dorms on-campus, HALLELUJAH. and hopefully will have a super-cool roommate if they honor our request, this girl named Emily who i was talking about alternative living arrangements with before we got this latest offer. She seems awesome.
So now that i finally have housing, it's time to start freaking out about WHAT TO PACK. Five months. twoish suitcases. rainy and cold weather, possible snow. then later, warm warm warm weather. Yes, my mom is planning to come over at some point and can bring me stuff then, but what if i want to go somewhere warm before that? so i need warm stuff. and cold stuff. and wet stuff. and ZOMG it took like a million trips and around 6 hours to pack up all the shit i had in my room at UMass, and there's no way in hell i can bring even half of that with me.
Luckily i have friends with experience who will hopefully guide me.
Then the plans are to head to CT to my grandparents' house on like the 11th; on the 12th we're heading to Newark and staying in a hotel for a night, and then i'm leaving on a jet plane on the 13th and arriving in Israel at 6:40am their time on the 14th.

Anyways, this blog will be solely Israel-related stuff, preparation anxiety, etc, then hopefully if not a daily then a weekly update on my doings at school. LJ will stay for personal life stuff but some posts may be cross-posted, i guess. We'll see.

I'll update again in a few days...


  1. Ha first comment. I expect lots o pictures and stories!

  2. I bookmarked you because I love you.